Church History

Our Church History

The Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia can trace it beginnings back to 1968 when a number of Christians on lower Eyre Peninsula began meeting for fellowship in the Lord in private homes each Sunday. The ministry in those early days was mainly by tape, with lay preaching and visiting preachers from time to time. One of those ministers, Pastor W. J. Chinnery of the Knoxville Bible Jubilee Church in Adelaide encouraged the group to form a Bible believing fellowship, outside the confines of any association of the World Council of Churches and the Church of Rome, with a public identity and a constitution and doctrinal statement.

At a meeting on Sunday May 4 1969, the Eyre Bible Fellowship was officially formed. The meetings continued in private homes, but in late 1974 is was decided to meet weekly at the Edillilie Hall where a Sunday school had already begun.

Some tapes from the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, along with the visits of Rev. John Douglas and Rev. Fred Buick, were influential in a very important step that was taken, marked by much prayer. At a special meeting of the Eyre Bible Fellowship on Friday night October 22 1976, it was unanimously decided to make application to join the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, and this petition was accepted by the Presbytery on November 26 1976.

The Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia began in Port Lincoln under the ministry of Rev. F. Buick on January 1 1978 in the home of Mrs. E. Feltus. Morning services were held each Sunday at Port Lincoln with afternoon services at Edillilie. Later, afternoon services began at Lock, alternating with Edillilie until that venue closed at the end of 1979.Rev. Buick, Mr. Robert Parker and Mr. Lloyd Glover served as the committee of management, continuing through to early 1983. At a special meeting of communicant members on April 8 1983, a Session consisting of Mr. R. Douglas, Mr. L. Glover and Mr. T. Spiers was elected. At the same time a committee consisting of Mr. W. Spiers, Mr. D. Dixon and Mr. T. Bower was elected.The Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia Incorporated became an incorporated Body under the provision of the Associations Incorporation Act 1956-1965 (South Australia) on the 4 day of February 1980. The number of the Association is 6748.

A new church was built in Lock in 1989 and was officially opened by Dr. Ian Paisley on November 11 of that year.


The churches in Lock and Port Lincoln continue to work under the one Session, with regular outreach in Elliston and Adelaide. A church outreach was maintained in Whyalla for eight years under the ministry of Rev. T. Tice until their return to America in 2000. The work and witness has spread to Perth, Western Australia and Kingston, Tasmania.

The witness has been raised of GOD, to preach the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and proclaim the WORD of GOD. The Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia Inc. can but lift its “Ebenezer” to Almighty GOD, and say with Samuel of old “Hitherto hath the LORD helped us “. I Samuel 7:12.